RapidStop® Tourniquet

Supporting bleed control, our RapidStop® Tourniquets work fast through innovative, life-saving technology.

Life-saving Technology from Aero Healthcare

Intuitive and strong; two words to describe our RapidStop® Tourniquet. Thanks to innovative design, it can be used as an effective bleed control solution where wound haemorrhaging occurs on the arms and legs. This is a life-saving tool. As a product, it also gives first aiders a hands-free solution when treating compression wounds, meaning they do not tire when trying to treat and control the bleeding wounds.

Dedicated Reseller Support for RapidStop®

As a revolutionary product, the RapidStop® Tourniquet serves a range of industries with effective bleed control solutions. Through our global distribution network, we’re able to ensure more high-risk workplaces have access to our products, meaning greater first aid and duty of care are available. If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio, one of our account managers is on hand to support you.


“It’s unusual to get this level of support from a supplier, which is refreshing, and very welcome. I wish all of my suppliers were as proactive in the approach shown by the team at Aero.”

Johnston Dunn

Group Purchasing and Assets Manager Baywater Healthcare

“All products are high quality and the advice provided on products is always excellent. The after sales service is excellent and nothing is too much for the staff.”

Conleth Donnelly

Sport Northern Ireland

“We placed an order for 108 Lifepak CR2 defibrillators with Aero. We were able to promptly deliver the devices to their locations. Their “before” and “after” service has been exemplary.”

Phil Hammond

Inspector – B Division Operations British Transport Police

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