Feedback to the launch of Aero’s Rapid Stop Tourniquet at EMS World Expo has been overwhelmingly positive.

We were delighted to demonstrate this breakthrough product – an all American-made tourniquet that can be deployed with just one hand – which is indispensable for those on the front line.

Visitors to EMS said the tourniquet was “desperately needed” for servicemen and women as well as those working in the emergency services.

Researched and developed at MIT, with input from military personnel, physicians and paramedics, the Rapid Stop tourniquet was built with a number of technical innovations for fast and easy self-administered occlusion in the event of a serious limb injury. You can see the tourniquet in action here.

We were also pleased to showcase Brayden CPR manikins. Built with responsive lights that allow users to visualise the success of their CPR technique, we believe there is no other manikin on the market able to train users as effectively. We also showcased our wider range of AEDs and life-saving devices.

The RapidStop Tourniquets will be available from January 2020, but you can preorder or register interest here