We are a proud supporter of

Heart of the Nation

A program committed to making AEDs more accessible in our communities

By partnering with businesses, groups, organisations or individuals, Heart Of The Nation is raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and getting more AED’s in publicly accessible locations.


My life was saved because of bystanders who knew how to do CPR and the fact that there was an AED nearby when I went into cardiac arrest - and people knew where it was. Having an AED within 3 minutes of someone can increase survival rates by 200-300%! By displaying a Heart of the Nation sticker, people will know where to find an AED when it is needed. Let the community know that you've got what it takes to try to save a life!”

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Heart of the Nation
Participants of the program are prepared to have a publicly accessible AED onsite, ready for the community to use in the case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency. Businesses, organisations, groups or individuals who are participating can be easily identifed by Heart Of The Nation signage.

The Heart of The Nation Goal

By educating organisations and individuals on the importance of having AED’s in our communities, Heart Of The Nation is on a mission to increase the survival rate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Businesses, organisations and community groups that participate in the Heart Of The Nation program, show their commitment to the prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Aero Healthcare is a proud supplier of Heart Of The Nation Heartsine AED’s. We provide Heart Of The Nation partners with the AED’s they need to supply their communities We can assist you in becoming a supplier for Heart Of The Nation communities. If you would like to learn more about how you can become a Heart Of The Nation supplier, contact us today!
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