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Case Type

1 Series

A super-compact kit, containing a modest assortment of plastic plasters, burn gels, gauze swabs, alcoholic wipes and swabs.

2 Series

Offering a range of vehicle, home and kids first aid kits, the Voyager series equips first responder civilians to be prepared for sudden medical emergencies, both in-home and while travelling. This basic first aid kit range will equip your customers with all the necessary supplies to treat common domestic injuries such as burns and cuts. This range also includes pet-friendly models for treating minor injuries on your favourite furry friends.

3 Series

The Defender series offers a comprehensive assortment of first aid kit supplies intended for household and travelling use. Equip your civilian customers with a versatile range of medical supplies including:

Disposable gloves
Dressing pads
Crepe bandages
Adhesive tape
Adhesive and non-adhesive dressings
Resuscitation face shields
Scissors, tweezers and safety pins
Saline solution

4 Series – Modulator

A revolutionary first aid kit, with injury specific modules for faster and easier access in an emergency. The first aid bags of the Modulator series are ideal for home and travel use as well as a range of industries where workers are proximate to hazardous substances and hostile environments. Equipped with six injury-specific modules, this range includes the:

Eye wound module
Dressing & bandage module
Burns module
Cuts & grazes module
Trauma module
Snake bite module

4 Series – Responder

A comprehensive first aid solution that ensures workplaces are always compliant with Safe Work Australia’s Work Health and Safety regulations and the Workplace Code of Practice. Available in tough or versatile casings, our Responder first aid kits can be used to treat both minor and major wounds, with additional modules available for specialised worksites that maintain specific first aid requirements.

Combining essential first aid kit medical supplies with additional equipment necessary for austere conditions such as torches, whistles and belt loop attachments, our Remote Work first aid kits have been designed with remote workers in mind.

5 Series – Operator

The Operator series builds on the 4 series by exceeding the first aid kit Work Health and Safety requirements for Australian workplaces. Ensure that your commercial consumers are always ready to handle medical emergencies with a choice of rugged, wall-mountable and tacklebox kits.

6 Series – Commander

The ultimate in workplace safety, the Commander series complies with all state and territory workplace regulations, providing maximum protection for employees. Its cases are designed to store and make the products accessible, allowing for immediate response to any type of injury. The Commander First Aid Kit caters to a large number of employees.

Compliance – Marine – Navigator

Specifically designed for nautical environments, the Navigator series contains essential first aid supplies while offering heightened UV and water resistance to comply with the Australian NSCV (National Standard for Commercial Vessels). Neatly packaged in a tough weatherproof case, with additional room to place medication in the first aid kit.

Compliance – Regulator

Our Regulator series provides additional items specific to a range of identified workplace risks. Ideal for a workplaces with heightened risks, identified in a risk assessment. From hygiene and snake bite kits to eye wash, sports and sharps disposal kits, this series caters to a range of emergency needs. This range includes the necessary items for your standard First Aid Kit to become workplace compliant.

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