LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor


Designed specifically for crash carts and patient transport, the LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/ monitor offers 360J escalating biphasic energy for both manual and automated defibrillation. An optional module provides advanced monitoring and facilitates CPR effectiveness.

Enhance the confidence of both BLS and ALS teams

It’s often necessary to quickly and easily switch between AED and manual modes to suit the situation and the skills of staff at hand. Learn how to deliver both basic and enhanced monitoring and therapy.

Deliver the energy and capabilities needed

Some patients are more difficult to defibrillate than others and require higher escalating biphasic energy to fibrillate. They may also require advanced monitoring capability. Take advantage of multiple power supply options, including a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. The CodeManagement Module and a flexible platform enable the LIFEPAK 20e to provide monitor options for different departments and to adapt to evolving uses, protocols, and guidelines.

Empower improvement through better data solutions

Improving code team performance requires access to all event data. Learn how to access patient event data and improve overall code management with the CodeManagement Module, CODE-STAT data review software and the LIFENET System.

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LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor

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Advanced defibrillator/monitor

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