The Future of First Aid is Now

Credibility. Accountability. Profitability.

Powering Growth in Your First Aid Business

One Platform for Your Entire Team

100% Accuracy 100% of the Time

Powerful RFID Technology Captures Missing and Expired Items in Seconds Every Time.

Transparency & Accountability

Be in Control of Your Service Performance

Powerful Data for Smarter Decisions

Plan for upcoming product expirations and analyze product usage by SKU, cabinet, and date range.

Manage Your Team

User management and license deployment at your fingertips.

Streamlined Fulfillment Operations

The Aero Team

Aero Healthcare is a culture-oriented company that values people above all else. The result is a team of cohesive operators who push the boundaries of innovation, ingenuity, and influence to deliver healthcare solutions that do more than save lives – the Aero team inspires greatness in your people and culture.

The value we place on people starts within our own walls, empowering each member of the Aero team to contribute their expertise and energy towards the success of our valued customers.

Things to love About aero

US Manufacturing

Our New York based manufacturing facility ensures we meet nationwide orders with industry-leading service time & pricing.

Global Market Leader

Our Global Presence provides us with unrivaled access to bulk purchasing power and shared research and design.

Quality Guarantee

AERO brands use only the finest raw materials in compliance with international quality standards such as ISO 13485:2016.

500+ Companies Trust Aero Healthcare