Surpassing Standards is Our Standard

At AERO Healthcare, our commitment to the healthcare industry is reflected in our New York-based manufacturing facility, where we fabricate a variety of superior healthcare products.

With global expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, Aero Healthcare leads US-made first aid and medical supplies manufacturers in the production of quality first aid and medical consumables, devices, and other products.

How We Make it Better

  • We work closely with the FDA to give you complete assurance that our products are fully compliant.
  • Our global network of business relationships built over 20+ years gives AERO first dibs on difficult-to-source healthcare products and materials.
  • We have recently invested an unprecedented amount into in-stock inventory to strategically combat current global supply chain issues.

Product Types

AERO Healthcare is steadfastly dedicated to improving pre-hospital care and elevating patient outcomes by manufacturing and distributing best-in-class healthcare solutions. These include, but are not limited to, first aid supplies, bleeding control solutions, CPR training products consumables, medical device simulators, AEDs, AED trainers and related supplies.

First Aid


Bleed Control

Your Branding and Messaging

Promote Your Brand With Confidence

Aero Healthcare can work directly with your marketing team to custom fabricate our products with your branding. This  unique offering will help your company to build brand awareness by combining your messaging with proven products you can trust.

Let AERO Healthcare Develop Your Next Product