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The majority of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur at a home or residence (68.5%), followed by public settings (21%) and nursing homes (10.5%).*


Governments globally are desperately working to stop the spread with what is becoming one of the greatest health and economic challenges of our generation. However, what isn’t being talked about is how these extreme lockdown measures that authorities are taking actually increase the likelihood of death for particular individuals. This is because individuals most at risk with some form of cardiovascular disease are being forced to stay clear of public spaces that usually provide access to AEDs along with requiring that staff have some degree of CPR and first aid training. 

Home which are usually presumed to be the safest one of the safest places on the planet, actually are the location for the vast majority of out of hospital sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) and while there are many threats to human health and life these days, sudden cardiac arrest is by far the worlds number one killer with the vast majority of cases, 68.5%, happening in the home or primary residence.

While many people percieve this to be primarily an “older persons problem”, SCA can happen to Anyone, at Any Time Anywhere, meaning that with the shrinking number of people spending time at work, shopping malls and cinemas, due to the widely enforced lockdowns, the need is growing for more households and families to become aware of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and importantly, know how to react in the situation where someone in their home suffers SCA.

We’ve created these first steps to help protect your household:

  1. If you’re concerned, give us a call and one of our staff will be able to walk you through the first steps to getting prepared for Lockdown and working from home.
  2. Read our “AED How to Save a Life Guide” that will walk you through all of the crucial steps involved in the ‘chain of survival’ (see below for the link).
  3. Learn CPR! Make sure your family knows CPR and make sure that you have access to CPR facemasks!
    Click here to enquire about CPR masks.

Learn to save a life by clicking below:

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