MODULATOR 4 Series Softpack First Aid Kit 36 x 24 x 14cm


Case: Softpack
Size: 37 x 24 x 14cm
Pricing Unit: unit/1

The injury-specific module kit you’ve all been waiting for! Meeting and exceeding standard workplace regulation contents.
Now including the popular Tension Indicator Bandage!
Highly visual and clearly labelled soft pack modules ensure fast and effective first aid application with the appropriate injury treatments.
Custom branding available for contents list and tamper tags ensuring that your customers will return to you for refills and repurchasing.

This kit has 6 injury-specific modules to treat all common workplace injuries, is colour coded for fast identification and modules are secured with colour-coded velcro tabs to ensure ease of removal and hassle-free servicing.

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Modulator Cuts and Grazes ModuleModulator Eye ModuleDressing & Bandage ModuleModulator Burns ModuleModulator Snake Bite ModuleModulator Trauma Module

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36cm W x 14cm D x 23cm H





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43 x 38 x 15.4cm

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8 reviews for MODULATOR 4 Series Softpack First Aid Kit 36 x 24 x 14cm

  1. Laura

    Such a genius idea for a first aid kit! Keeps everything not only super organised but makes it easier to find in a hurry!! Definitely recommend this kit to everyone!

  2. Brendan Clayton – Industroquip

    Sensational first aid kit!
    We stock these in our showroom and when people see how simple and easy it is to use they are extremely impressed, one customer recently explained ‘The Modulator’ to me in 2 words – Idiot Proof! Keep up the good work Aero

  3. Robert Ettery

    What a great product and innovation. The world of first aid kits will never be the same. Six modules individually designed for specific tasks. Use a module, replace just the module. No more replacing entire kits. Great work guys… 🙂


    This first aid kit has to be the best on the market.
    It is easy to use, easy to replenish and so practical in every aspect.
    I stock these in all our pharmacies and have sold too many to count.
    Our customers are thrilled with this first aid kit and it is affordable.

    Well done Aero.

  5. Peter Allan

    Best First Aid Kit ever. Setup ready to go for any emergency. Everything is there that you will need.

  6. Lisa B

    Great Product!

  7. Andrew avenell

    Brilliant Idea AERO combining a robust softpack first aid kit with six individual colour coded first aid modules.
    The best thing however is the ease in restocking the kit in the future as you can purchase each module individually, rather than having to go through hundreds of items to check if something has been used, or to check expiry dates !!

  8. John Mclaren

    The modular kit, what a cracker of a kit well organised and well presented.
    Paramedics like to be totally organised ready for the unexpected when we do events the modular kit is easy to carry with all the products required for minor injuries.
    My customers love these kit,
    Soft pack for travelers, caravans and campers, and families
    Wall mount for officers and factories
    Good work keep it up

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MODULATOR 4 Series Softpack First Aid Kit 36 x 24 x 14cm

(8 customer reviews)
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