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CPR / AED Awareness Week: Every Second Counts

More than 1,600 people suffer cardiac arrest every day in the United States, that’s roughly 584,000 Americans every year! 

Of this, 475,000 die. 

Sudden cardiac arrest is both the biggest killer in America and across the Globe. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims more lives than colorectal cancer,  breast cancer, prostate cancer, HIV, firearms and house fires combined! 

Despite this, Sudden Cardiac Arrest gets only a fraction of the attention and to add insult to injury, the solution is known!

AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators are simple to use, publically accessible devices that save lives of those suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest! Combined with CPR, AEDs can increase the chances of SCA from 10% to roughly 90%! That’s 400,000 American lives that we could be saving EVERY, SINGLE YEAR!

To help grow awareness of both the problem and the solution, CPR / AED Awareness week was launched.  

June 1st to the 7th is AED and CPR awareness week. 

We want to encourage all of our AED and CPR distributors and trainers that now is the time to be raising awareness and saving lives!  

If you currently don’t have an AED solution for your workplace or if you are interested in a managed AED solution, please reach out today and one of our AED specialists will be able to assist. 

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