Looking to Add Serviced First Aid Kits to Your Business Portfolio?

The SureScan™ Managed – Rental First Aid Restocking System Features:

  • Fastest and most accurate servicing globally
  • 60,000 kits in North America with global distribution
  • 30 second servicing time
  • RFID & barcode scanning capabilities
  • Patent pending

SureScan™ is a revolutionary Managed – Rental First Aid Restocking System that can be added to your existing service routes at a minimal startup cost. The SureScan™ Restocking System allows for the fastest and easiest service on the market all while capturing product usage and infield inventory in as little as 30 seconds. SureScan™ First Aid cabinets use the highest standard of first aid consumables trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.



The service representative performs an onsite inspection. The cabinet door is open, so all contents are showing.



Using SureScan™ RFID restocking technology, all expired and missing items are captured and recorded in an instant.



All out-of-date and missing items are quickly and accurately replaced ensuring compliance and staff safety.

Grow Revenue With Existing Clients


Power growth in your first aid business