Surefill™ 50B Series ANSI B Refill #AK50B-SF


*Refill only – fits all 50B Series Kits 2015. Case not included.

See complete refill with case:
AK50BW Weatherproof case
AK50BT Metal case
AK50BNR Red Translucent case

Code: AK50B-SF
UPC: 9341394020696
Size: n/a
Weight: 2.8lbs
Items Per Kit: 273
Regulatory Compliance: Meets & Exceeds: ANSI Z308.1-2015 OSHA 1910.151(b). FDA Registered.
Class: B


ABN10 AeroBand™ Triangular Bandage 43in x 43in x 61in 2
ABD10 AeroBurn™ Burn Dressing 4in x 4in 2
AB0905B AeroBurn™ Burn Gel Packets 25
ACG10US AeroCleanse™ Hand Sanitizer 0.9g 10
AF50 AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage 2in x 4.3yds 2
AF100 AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage 4in x 4.3yds 1
AGNPF02 AeroGlove™ Nitrile Gloves 8
AGG001 AeroGuide™ First Aid Guide 1
ASC11US AeroInstrument™ Scissors 1
AFP11 AeroInstrument™ Tweezers 1
AEP1S AeroPad™ Eye Pad 2
APG75 AeroPad™ Gauze Pad 3in x 3in 4
APG10 AeroPad™ Gauze Pad 4in x 4in 4
AT12 AeroPlast™ Adhesive Tape 1/2in x 5.5 yds 2
AFP312 AeroPlast™ Fabric Fingertip / Knuckle Bandages 12
AII3000 AeroPlast™ Instant Ice Pack 2
AP10125 AeroPlast™ Plastic Strip Bandage 3/4in x 3in 25
ATB130 AeroPlast™ Thermal Blanket 55in x 83in 1
AP60125 AeroPlast™ X-Wide Strip Fabric Bandage 1in x 3in 25
ART1040 AeroRescue™ Tourniquet 1in x 18in 1
AFS001US AeroShield™ CPR Face Shield 1
ASTA05US AeroSoothe™ Triple Antibiotic 0.5g 25
AR1060 AeroSplint™ Padded Splint 4in x 24in 1
ACA10 AeroSwab™ Cotton Tip Applicators 20
AW4OZUS AeroWash™ Eyewash 4 fl.oz 1
AW7010 AeroWipe™ Alcohol Wipes 30
AW8010 AeroWipe™ Antiseptic Wipes 50
AW6010 AeroWipe™ Sting Relief Pads 10
ACD1223S AeroWound™ Wound Pad 5in x 9in 4


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