The SureScan™ First Aid Product Range – Built for Service.

Covering all aspects of a First Aid service business, with every product designed for quick, easy, and accurate service. Cutting-edge technology with barcoding and RFID revolutionizes the reordering and replenishment process and gives accountability for refills. Service time under 1 minute. High-quality AERO brand contents provide the best treatment, organized in attractive and easy-to-use packaging. Fully compliant with all state and federal standards and regulations. 

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Things to Love About SureScan™

US Manufacturing

Our New York based manufacturing facility ensures we meet nationwide orders with industry-leading service time & pricing.

Global Market Leader

Our Global Presence provides us with unrivaled access to bulk purchasing power and shared research and design.

Quality Guarantee

AERO brands use only the finest raw materials in compliance with international quality standards such as ISO 13485:2016.

500+ Companies Trust Aero Healthcare