Introducing TraumaSim! Just arrived at Aero Healthcare these medically accurate trauma simulation products are designed for first aid trainers, medics, and healthcare providers. Designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries, and medical conditions TraumaSim provides trainers with trauma simulation like never before.


Designed to accurately replicate the bodies response to first aid treatment in medical emergencies, TraumaSim offers a revolutionary way of administering first aid training. Using TraumaSim in first aid training is proven to increase student retention, improve mental resilience as well as improve the first responder’s actions in major traumatic scenarios.

Aero Healthcare is proud to offer four TraumaSim products for different scenario-based simulation training including:

  • Leg amputation tourniquet trainer,
  • Haemorrhage control simulator
  • Two haemostatic clotting trainers.


Designed to simulate realistic blood flow and the effects of wound treatment, including stopped blood flow when tourniquets are correctly applied, or wounds correctly packed. Wounds can be used in training scenarios for demonstrating and practicing correct dressing application and techniques.