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The Brayden Baby is the new arrival to ‘our family ‘ range of Brayden manikins. Brayden Baby has been designed to be an ideal teaching manikin for Paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS.

Developed with help from leading European experts in the field of infant resuscitation, Brayden Baby CPR Manikin’s unique features include intuitive lights that provide real-time feedback for ventilation training and lights providing real-time feedback for chest compressions (depth, rate, recoil and finger/thumb position). When all component parts of chest compressions are performed correctly, a CPR quality indication light illuminates on the forehead of the Brayden Baby manikin. Both sets of lights help guide the student to perform good quality infant CPR.

Aero Healthcare is the exclusive Australian importer of the entire Brayden range, including the Brayden Baby, the Brayden Pro, Brayden Pulse, Brayden Junior and the Brayden.

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  1. Robert Moreton

    Absolutely blown away with the quality of this product. During COVID we have been looking for innovative ways to engage with our students and give that little bit extra to set ourselves apart from other providers of training. The AERO team said that we would not be disappointed and they were correct. The instant feedback is a brilliant tool for the public and clinicians alike to understand their ability and confirm their competence.

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BRAYDEN Baby CPR Manikin

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