Request Product Training

Request Training

Not sure how best to use an Aero product? Now you can request direct one-on-one training from one of our product experts. Simply login to your distributor account and select a product, from...

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New Product Categorisation for Online Store


We’re improving the categorisation and menu structures to streamline your access to your favourite products. Categorisation has been carefully aligned between our website, resource centre, printed catalogues and price lists. Now you’ll find...

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Attach Documents to your Online Orders

Do you need us to include a packing slip or other printed document with your order? You can now upload additional documents to be processed with with your online order. During checking, as...

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Create and Manage Additional Accounts for Your Staff


Would you like your staff to be able to access the Aero Healthcare Online Store using their own username and password? It’s quick and simple to add sub-accounts for your staff to access...

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Recently Ordered Products List


Find Your Recently Purchased Items   Do you regularly order from a select range of products? Get instant access to your most recently purchased items with one click and no searching! Simply go...

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Online Store Pricebook downloads


Now it’s even easier to populate your accounting system with Aero Items to streamline your ordering processe. Simply select your platform from the growing range of formats and following your platform’s instructions to...

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Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning Example

Now it’s even easier than ever to lookup an item on the Aero Online store. If you have the item at hand or the sell-sheet in front of you – simply scan the...

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Downloadable CSV Product Listings


The range of pre-made product listings suitable to upload to your online store has been expanded. We now include Big Commerce and Magneto alongside the existing WooCommerce, Wix and Shoppify templates. Using these...

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