Would you like your staff to be able to access the Aero Healthcare Online Store using their own username and password?

It’s quick and simple to add sub-accounts for your staff to access the Aero Healthcare Online Store. You can fully control their access and manage it all from the Member Centre.

Whether you need to give staff access to the just the Resource Centre, restrict access to prices or even allow them to place orders on the account – you’re in full control!

To create and manage your sub-accounts:

  1. Visit the Additional Accounts page from the My Account area of the Member Centre
  2. Select an existing sub-account to manage or click “New Sub-Account” to create a new one
  3. Complete the login and contact details for your staff member and set their permissions. (Make a note of the password you choose so that you can provide it to them later)
  4. Give your staff their login details. (To ensure that you are in full control of how and when your staff receive their login details, we will NOT send any automated emails.)

Sub-Account Permissions:

  • Place an Order
    • Tick this box to enable this sub-account to place orders on your behalf. Orders will be processed against using your main account and you will be able to see which staff have placed the order from the Order History and Tracking screen.
  • Require PO Number on all Orders
    • Tick this box to require that all Orders placed by this sub-account have the PO Number field completed during checkout. (Requires Place and Order to be ticked)
  • Hide all Prices
    • Tick this box to hide all pricing for this sub-account. They will be able to access the Resource Centre and view the Product Descriptions, however the prices, CSV downloads and Pricebooks will not be available.
  • View all Account Orders
    • Tick this box to enable this sub-account to view the order history and tracking for the main account.
  • View all Saved Shopping Lists
    • Tick this box to enable this sub-account to view the Saved Shopping Lists for the main account.