BRAYDEN PRO CPR Manikin (Bluetooth Connectivity)



The Brayden Pro provides healthcare professionals with quantitative data-driven feedback.

The Brayden Pro sends live data to the Brayden Pro App via Bluetooth to provide real-time feedback of CPR performance this data can then be reviewed and analysed to improve the quality of CPR performance and provide a numeric, quantitative assessment. Up to 6 Brayden Pro ‘s can be connected to 1 device allowing for simultaneous training and assessment. Records can be stored and easily exported via Email for easy analysis on your Spreadsheet program.


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3 reviews for BRAYDEN PRO CPR Manikin (Bluetooth Connectivity)

  1. Susanne FATraining

    Worth the money.
    The product really lasts and is easily the most durable on the market.
    The Training App works really well too!

  2. Paul Neuendorf – Training Boar

    This is a great manikin and gives instant feedback to the students for practising their CPR techniques.

  3. Phillip Krushka

    Phil Krushka – EFAP Australia Pty Ltd
    Impressive manikin for visualisation, important factor when providing information on CPR

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BRAYDEN PRO CPR Manikin (Bluetooth Connectivity)

(3 customer reviews)

Brayden PRO Manikin (Red Blood Circulation)

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