Modulator Trauma Kit with Heartsine 350P – XL Rugged Hard Case #M600-1


Aero Healthcare introduces the M600-1 Modulator Trauma & First Aid Kit + AED, a comprehensive solution meticulously designed to blend Defibrillator and First Aid tools. This kit is tailored to equip rescuers with the essential items needed to effectively treat a wide range of injuries, from minor wounds to major trauma, including sudden cardiac arrest following a traumatic event. A standout feature of this kit is the inclusion of the proprietary RapidStop® Tourniquet, renowned for its advanced technology and capability to ensure rapid and dependable occlusion in urgent scenarios.

The M600-1 is not just about functionality but also durability. It comes housed in a rugged, weather-resistant carrying case, guaranteeing that your first aid tools and supplies are safeguarded under extreme weather conditions and in remote locations. This feature ensures that the M600-1 is always ready for use, providing unmatched preparedness and efficiency in critical situations.

A significant addition to the M600-1 is the inclusion of the Heartsine 350P AED, enhancing the kit’s capabilities in dealing with cardiac emergencies. This integration demonstrates Aero Healthcare’s commitment to providing comprehensive emergency response solutions.

Trust the M600-1 for complete readiness and exceptional performance in every emergency response.


Code: M600-1
UPC: 9341394033191
Size: 22.08 × 14.89 × 7.75 in
Weight: 17.6 lbs
Regulatory Compliance: Meets & Exceeds: ANSI / ISEA Z308.1-2021 Class B Type III Container, OSHA 1910.151(b), OSHA 1910.266 Logging First Aid Kit, Cal/OSHA – Title 8, Section 1512


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