SureScan™ First Aid Station #SSFAS03


SureScan™ Restocking System First Aid Products
– Built for Service.

AERO Healthcare welcomes you to our recently introduced proprietary First Aid Station.

Includes 3 Mandatory Components:
• SureScan™ Encased Samaritan Automated External Defibrillator
• SureScan™ Restocking System First Aid Cabinet (Large)
• SureScan™ Eyewash Station

A Central Safety Zone for Your Company:
• Conveys a clear “We Care” message to staff and clientele
• Easy to install and service
• Bundle discounted

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Covering all aspects of a First Aid service business, with every product designed for quick, easy, and accurate service. Cutting-edge technology with barcoding and RFID revolutionizes the reordering and replenishment process, and gives accountability for refills. Service time under 1 minute. High quality AERO brand contents provide the best treatment, organized in attractive and easy-to-use packaging. Fully compliant with all state and federal standards and regulations.

Code: SSFAS03
UPC: 9341394022003
Size: 52“W x 33”H
Weight: 16lbs

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