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When was the last time you checked the medical supplies in your workplace? With the heightened focus on safe workplaces due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, it’s more important than ever to provide up-to-date first aid stations in 2021. First aid kits need to be complete with the medical supplies that your particular workplace needs, whether you’re maintaining a food and beverage industry site, or an industrial, warehouse, office or other kind of workplace.

As well as ensuring that you have enough first aider staff, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require all employers to provide adequate first aid facilities. While we do not give official or regulatory advice about your obligations (for these within Australia, check your state SafeWork, WorkSafe or other relevant state or territory sites, or go to the Code of Practice) it’s good practice to maintain a checklist and regularly verify that the kits and all their contents remain in place and in useful condition. First aid kits need to be kept updated and replaced when necessary, as part of your Occupational Health and Safety commitments.

Your workplace first aid kit needs to be located in an accessible place known to all employees, but where it will not be disturbed when not in use.  A wall bracket or well-signposted closet or shelf for storage is a good practice. At Aero Healthcare, we offer a range of bags, cases and cabinets in which to store your first aid supplies, which are protective and visually distinctive.

Wholesale First Aid Kits

Aero Healthcare offer a wide range of first aid kits direct to suppliers, covering a wide range of workplace needs.

Kits can be ordered complete as filled cabinets and cases, and also built and refilled on a modular basis, ensuring easy compliance and restocking. Some of our ready-to-deploy first aid modules include:

Burns Module

Cuts and Grazes Module

Dressing and Bandage Module

Eye Wound Module

Snake Bite Module

Trauma Module


Sanitising and Workplace Safety

In addition to the traditional first aid elements which always need to be on hand, workplaces are now required to take infection control measures to protect their staff. The AeroCleanse Sanitising Station is a foot-controlled dispenser which is both durable and requires no batteries or power. Add to this items such as the AeroDiagnostic™ Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer , for diagnosis, and equip your workplace with face masks and surface wipes as necessary for the best level of workplace protection. Our products are industrial grade, as quality counts and you need durability and dependability which many consumer and retail products simply do not provide.

Aero Healthcare Expertise

Our network of national and international distributors specialise in both large and small workplace solutions. Whether your workplace is a small office or a multi-site organisation with particular hazards, Aero Healthcare has a range for your needs or your client’s needs. Don’t forget our customisation options for bags and cases.

Aero offers a number of first aid kits to suit the need of you and your clients. Browse and select from our complete range, or contact our team now for help with your requirements