NIO Infant with Fixation Dressing

The NIO Infant provides safe, rapid intraosseous access for infant patients.

Ensuring rapid access in the proximal tibia when vascular access is required for fluid and drug administration in emergency situations.

The NIO Infant is a manual IO device using the innovative Stepped Needle® for graduated penetration into the bone marrow cavity. The NIO Infant includes a Fixation dressing, to secure the stabilizer to the skin and prevent dislodgment once intraosseous access has been achieved.

Designed for rapid intraosseous access in patients from the gestational age of 36wks, with a weight of at least 5lbs (2.3kg), to patients up to 3yrs of age.


  • Facilitates rapid intraosseous access in infant patients
  • Requires no batteries or maintenance
  • Stepped Needle provides sensory feedback of bone penetration
  • Needle Gauge 14G to 18G
  • Fixation dressing helps to prevent dislodgement
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight
  • Sterile, single-use device
  • Safety needle cap
  • 5-year shelf life

NIO Infant requires no batteries, no assembly, and no extra parts.

Product Specifications

Weight 56g
Packaging Packed individually in a peel back blister pack with fixation dressing
Needle Gauge 18G (Stepped Needle 14G to 18G)
Needle Effective Length . 15mm (.6in)
Needle Penetration Depth The cannula cortex penetration section (18G) is 2.6mm (.1in)
Safety Mechanism  Stepped Needle 14G to 18G
Shelf Life* 5 years

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*From date of manufacture

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Needle Gauge

Stepped Needle 14G to 18G

NIO Infant with Fixation Dressing

NIO Infant Instraosseous device

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