AEROFILM PLUS Waterproof Island Dressing 15 x 20cm Box/3 (GST FREE)


Size: 15 x 20cm
Pricing Unit: env/3
Carton QTY: 96

This post-operative dressing combines the advantages of AEROFILM with a SupaSorb™ absorbent and low adherent dressing pad to provide a superior dressing for post operative and delicate wound sites.

SupaBond™ Hypo-allergenic Adhesive

  • Exclusively engineered for unrivalled adhesion, this hypoallergenic adhesive has a low irritation risk while ensuring the dressing stays in place over body contours.

Transparent AeroFilm

  • The transparent AeroFilm allows the user to monitor the level of fluid and check for clinical signs of infection without removing the dressing. This allows for maximum usage of the dressing before removal.

Simple Application

  • AeroFilm has an integrated frame applicator that provides a simple and effective application system. The frame enables the dressing to be applied crease free and ensures adhesion. AeroFilm transparency enables correct positioning over the wound site.

Contraindications / Precautions

  • AeroFilm should not be used on infected wounds unless under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.
  • As with all adhesive products, apply and remove carefully from sensitive or fragile skin.
  • Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns. If redness or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

This product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a healthcare practitioner.

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15cm x 20cm

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1 review for AEROFILM PLUS Waterproof Island Dressing 15 x 20cm Box/3 (GST FREE)

  1. Desley Geeves

    Have used this product after hubby’s surgery completely waterproof and great adhesion ,stayed in place well.

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AEROFILM PLUS Waterproof Island Dressing 15 x 20cm Box/3 (GST FREE)

(1 customer review)

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