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Product description

Enabling comfortable transportation of medical and first aid consumables, the AeroRescue™ Black Thigh Bag offers excellent functionality for wearers. Without inhibiting the actions of sitting, running or crouching, the bag offers comfort to users whilst also creating a convenient solution to immediately access first aid. The AeroRescue™ Black Thigh Bag is empty when purchased but can be filled with important first aid essentials covered within our range. You can include products such as our AeroWound™ dressings and AeroGlove™ Vinyl Gloves to ensure you are fully equipped. This product is especially beneficial for those on training exercises or expeditions that are required to carry a series of other belongings. Due to the position of the thigh bag, if immediate first aid is needed it removes the necessity of digging through other bags and cases to access it. The interior design features pouches, zips, and elastic loops ensuring contents do not spill out on opening. The front zipped pouch gives swift access to most commonly used items without the need to fully open the bag. Individual packs contain one AeroRescue™ Black Thigh Bag. Measurements include: 225mm x 190mm x 75mm / 22.5cm x 19cm x 7.5cm / 8.8in x 7.4in x 2.9n

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