The RapidStop® Tourniquet relies on key technologies to achieve rapid, intuitive and easy one-hand self-application. Application is even faster when a responder uses both hands to apply the tourniquet to a victim.

Why use an Emergency Tourniquet?

When applied properly, tourniquets can provide an effective means to stop massive haemorrhaging from a limb by stopping arterial blood flow until the casualty can be professionally assessed and treated by trained medical personnel.

To date, numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of tourniquet use, with figures suggesting that mortality rates from severe limb haemorrhage can be reduced to as low as 10% when applied early before the onset of shock (Butler 2015; Kragh Jr et al. 2008; Kragh Jr et al. 2009).

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The RapidStop® Tourniquet is an award-winning, rapid application tourniquet that maximises the chances of survival. Developed at MIT and perfected by EMS, military and industry specialists. RapidStop represents a hemostatic solution with military-grade ruggeness, all age suitability, superior single-handed application and fastest average occlusion time.

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Bleed Control Kits has everything you need to save lives.

Bleed Control Kits are designed for quick and effective control of mass haemorrhaging. Including the popular RapidStop ® Tourniquet, this haemostatic trauma solution offers military grade ruggedness, all age suitability, superior single-handed application and the fastest average occlusion time. Achieving full occlusion in the shortest time possible is critical. This kit is designed to provide treatment options with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

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