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AeroKit™ Body Spills 2 Application Kits – Weatherproof Case

Product code: SFWBF2

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Product overview

Effective for any type of body fluid
Designed for the containment and disposal of body fluid spillages
Available in 2,3 and 5 application kits
All kits contain disinfectant spray, Disposable Clean Up Packs and absorbent granules

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  • Data Sheet
Product description

Included in a weatherproof case, the AeroKit™ with Surefill™ Body Spills 2 Application Disposable Kit provides everything required for the safe removal of body spills. Its purpose is to keep environments safe from bacteria spread, whilst protecting caregivers. Our Surefill™ Refills programme offers easy restocking of first aid and body spills kits. All contents are stored in plastic pouches that provide greater ease to users looking for specific consumables within a first aid kit. Upon expiration or stock depletion, the pouch can be quickly removed and replaced. It performs excellently in absorbing spillages of blood, vomit and urine and allows the user to dispose of potentially contaminated items in the safest possible way. This product offers a duty of care to staff, visitors and service users by ensuring safe and careful clean-up and disposal of bodily fluids. Additionally, it removes the risk of secondary contact and the possibility of cross-infection with harmful diseases. In order to protect people from these potential dangers the AeroKit™ Body Spills 2 Application Disposable Kit includes essential items from our AeroHazard™ and AeroGlove™ range in quantities of two. This means a contaminated spill can be thoroughly cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected following a body spills incident. The AeroKit™ with Surefill™ Body Spills 2 Application Disposable Kit comes with a sturdy portable weatherproof case for easy transportation between different locations. It is suited to all workplaces and provides vital protection in environments with water, dust and other demanding conditions. The medical items inside the case are neatly arranged and are simple to identify and access so that spills can be cleaned up as quickly as possible.


12 months


AeroHazard™ Disinfectant Spray 30ml – 2
AeroHazard™ Absorbent Powder 10g – 2
AeroGlove™ Gloves (Pair) – 2
AeroHazard™ Clinical Waste Bag – 2
AeroHazard™ Apron – 2
AeroHazard™ Cardboard Scoop – 2

Technical specifications

  • Contents MDD Compliant

  • This product is classed as hazardous or dangerous
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