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AeroKit™ British Standard Travel First Aid Kit – Neat Case

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Product overview

Designed to cope with the needs of road traffic victims before the arrival of emergency services
All kits comply with BS 8599-2:2014 with the medium sized kits also complying to BS8599-1:2019 which means that it is a part of the statutory workplace range

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  • Data Sheet
Product description

AeroKit™ British Standard Travel First Aid Kit is ideal for lone workers, travellers and employers who use their vehicles for work. The sturdy boxes mean they can be kept in the boot of the car and cope with the rigours of daily life on the road. With comprehensive contents, it fully meets the requirements of the BS 8599-1:2019 travel kit. Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees who travel long distances for work-related reasons have access to adequate first aid provisions. This applies to employees using vehicles such as company cars, light commercial vehicles or other forms of transport that involve travelling away from the office, warehouse or main business site. The AeroKit™ with Surefill™ British Standard First Aid Travel Kit ensures your business meets its legal obligations and supports mobile workers in emergency situations and when an injury has occurred. Each AeroKit™ with Surefill™ British Standard First Aid Travel Kit contains a variety of essential items from our extensive range of medical products including AeroPlast™, AeroWound™, AeroBand™, and AeroRescue™. As well as having economic benefits, Surefill™ also offers a level of environmental sustainability. The programme offers workplaces the opportunity to refill their first aid kits instead of buying everything again. That means you only pay for consumables inside your AeroKit™ instead of re-purchasing wall brackets and cases. These items are stored and organised in a highly visible and durable portable plastic case with handles. This provides convenient storage and easy transportation in cases of injury or emergency and quick access to the items inside. This package includes an AeroKit™ Wall Bracket for mounting inside the vehicle in a visible location. A handy AeroGuide™ first aid manual is included inside every AeroKit™ with Surefill™ British Standard First Aid Travel Kit


12 months

Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked


AN1011 – Aero A6 First Aid Leaflet x 1
HSE12EA – AeroWound HSE Medium Dressing 12 x 12cm x 1
HSE18EA – AeroWound HSE Large Dressing 18 x 18cm x 1
ABN90 – AeroBand Non-Woven Tri-Bandage 90 x 90 x 127cm x 1
HSE01EA – AeroWound HSE Eye Pad x 1
ABD10 – AeroBurn Sterile Gel Dressing 10 x 10cm x 1
AP1042 – AeroPlast W/P Assorted – Env/10 x 1
ATB130 – AeroPlast Emergency Foil Blanket Silver/Silver 140 x 210cm x 1
AGNPF01E-L-PR – AeroGlove Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Large Pair x 1
AFS001 – AeroShield CPR Face Shield x 1
AF75 – AeroForm Bandage 7.5cm x 4m x 1
AP3251-EA – AeroPore Tape 2.5cm x 10m x 2
ASP-12 – AeroPin Safety Pins 3 Sizes Nickle Plated – Pack/12 x 2
SC100 – Aero Tuffcut Scissors 7.5″ x 190mm x 1
AW1013 – AeroWash Eyewash 250ml x 1
AW6000-EA – AeroWipe Saline Cleansing Wipes Bulk x 4

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