Rotaid 24/7

Readiness matters.

Rotaid 24/7 enhances your AED with effective on-line and off-line connectivity that reduces response times and maximizes your chances of saving the life of a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour.

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Benefits of Rotaid 24/7:

  • Via its web-based portal, you have direct access to your network of AEDs and life-saving system. You can manage and change your system 24/7 at any time and everywhere, ensuring the best possible preparation for a sudden cardiac arrest. 
  • The portal provides you with a clear overview of your AED and you are immediately notified when your actions are required. Both through the portal, but also via your mobile device and e-mail. 
  • Automatic alerts for AED malfunctioning, expiration of warranty dates, battery life and electrodes ensure your AED is always in excellent working condition. No more physical visits are required. Rotaid 24/7 watches over your AED. Always.
  • Manage your team of responders and alert them in seconds via SMS and / or e-mail in case the cabinet is opened or closed, the AED is removed or returned, or the AED indicates a failure and needs immediate inspection.

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