Why Installing Rotaid 24/7 is the Ultimate Unlocked AED Cabinet

Rotaid 24/7 emerges as the most comprehensive unlocked cabinet for public access AEDs available. It represents an investment in the sustained and enduring deployment of lifesaving AEDs, paving the way for the future of AED deployment.

Rotaid 24/7 – Your Complete AED Management System and its Key Advantages:

  • AED Readiness: with Rotaid 24/7, you will have real-time access to information on all their AEDs, providing a transparent overview.
  • Streamlined AED Ownership: physical AED checks are a thing of the past; receive timely notifications (via text/email) when maintenance is required and store all AED data in a personal Rotaid management account that Aero can supply as an added extra.
  • Enhanced AED Visibility: the distinctive design and LED lighting ensures your AED is easily identifiable day and night, with online connectivity enabling remote monitoring from any device.
  • Simplified Management of Multiple AEDs: Rotaid 24/7 makes it effortless to manage large numbers of AEDs by consolidating all data into a single overview.
  • Constant Readiness to Save Lives: with Rotaid 24/7, AED owners like yourself are always informed about the readiness status of their accessible defibrillator.

A Long-Term Investment

While Rotaid 24/7 entails a higher initial investment, it represents a long-term commitment to sustainable AED deployment for customers. It stands as the only storage option offering 100% assurance of AED readiness round the clock, mitigating the risks and challenges associated with AED ownership.

Rotaid 24/7 boasts premium quality and durability, the culmination of over 15 years and more than 60,000 cabinets’ worth of experience in the AED market by our partner Rotaid AED Cabinets. It is built to withstand all weather conditions and upholds the highest quality standards in the industry.

Resulting costs of poor maintenance can often match or exceed the price of implementing a sustainable solution such as the Rotaid 24/7.

For projects with multiple numbers of AEDs, Rotaid 24/7 is always worth the investment. Owners view the status of all AEDs in one click and get notified per cabinet when it needs maintenance. This is all enabled via the Rotaid 24/7 Online Dashboard allowing you to remotely access your AED cabinet. You can assign first responders, connect service employees or adjust the configuration using the online dashboard.

Poorly maintained AEDs are putting lives at risk

Recent findings highlight a concerning issue in the AED market: inadequate maintenance practices leading to the unsustainable operation of existing AED programs. The outcome? AEDs that are either non-operational, inaccessible, or simply absent when crucially needed to save a life.

A prominent article by BBC News reported various charities warning that poorly maintained publicly accessible defibrillators are risking victim’s lives. Despite appearing ready for use, some registered devices were found to be unavailable. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Heart 2 Heart Norfolk are concerned about access issues and call for regular inspections and updated contact details. Defibrillators, vital during cardiac arrest alongside CPR, give an electric charge to restore a normal heartbeat.

Over 86,000 devices are on the BHF’s network, ‘The Circuit’, aiding ambulance services in emergencies. Instances like Raymond Marsh’s, unable to access a defibrillator due to outdated codes on locked AED cabinets, highlight the urgency for maintenance and awareness. The BHF stresses the need for 24/7 accessible defibrillators and emphasises ambulance services’ role in directing people to the nearest available device (source: BBC News).

For years, the predominant focus has been on price efficiency, with both buyers and sellers of AEDs primarily concentrating on short-term gains. The emphasis was on distributing AEDs without considering their long-term availability and operational readiness. As a result of insufficient information regarding the ongoing commitment and associated costs, many AEDs are now inaccessible in various locations.

Get Ready and Set To Rescue

From trained medical personnel to any bystander willing to assist during a sudden cardiac arrest, anyone can be a lifesaver with an available, operational, and accessible AED.

Numerous AEDs face challenges such as restricted accessibility, delayed user response, and insufficient maintenance as previously mentioned. Rotaid 24/7 effectively addresses and resolves all of these issues which is why we highly recommend it as the Ultimate Unlocked AED Cabinet of choice you can have installed.

Download the Rotaid 24/7 brochure here

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