1 PERSON First Aid Kit – Zipper Pouch with 20ml Eyewash

Product code: HSE-1PW


Product overview

- Compact and Portable: Zipped pouch for easy transport and storage.
- Comprehensive: Includes Aero-branded first aid products and 20ml eye wash.
- Safety Compliant: Meets HSE recommendations for workplace first aid kits.
- High Performance: Designed for effective injury management.
- Refillable: Easily restocked with Refill products.

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Product description

Offering Support for Remote Employees or Single Individuals
The 1 Person First Aid Kit in a zipped pouch is designed for convenient storage and easy transportation of essential first aid supplies, making it ideal for remote workers or individuals. This ensures that all necessary items are kept together and easily identifiable with its distinctive pouch color.
Comprehensive First Aid Provision
In addition to a selection of Aero-branded products, the kit includes a 20ml eye wash for effective removal and cleansing of foreign objects from the eye. Our Aero-branded products comply with HSE recommendations under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, ensuring they meet workplace first aid standards.
Performance and Confidence
Our Aero-branded products within the kit are crafted to deliver excellent performance in managing injuries, ensuring users feel confident and comfortable with their first aid supplies.
Convenient Refill System
Once items from the 1 Person First Aid Kit with 20ml eye wash are utilized, they can be conveniently restocked and replenished using our Refill products. This economy kit is perfect for storing personal protection and first aid consumables tailored for single-person use.

Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked, CE Marked


AN1011 – Aero A6 First Aid Leaflet x 1
AP1042 – AeroPlast W/P Assorted – Env/10 x 1
HSE18EA – AeroWound HSE Large Dressing 18 x 18cm x 1
ABN90 – AeroBand Non-Woven Tri-Bandage 90 x 90 x 127cm x 2
ASP-12 – AeroPin Safety Pins 3 Sizes Nickle Plated – Pack/12 x 1
AW6000-EA – AeroWipe Saline Cleansing Wipe x 4
AW1003EA – AeroWash 20ml Eyewash x 2

Technical specifications

  • MDD Compliant

  • This product is classed as hazardous or dangerous
  • Standards / Certifications

    UKCA Marked, CE Marked

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