AeroWipe™ Hand Sanitiser 100ML

Product code: AW9002

Product overview

- A convenient way to sanitise your hands on the go
- Kills 99.99% of germs fast
- 75% Ethanol Alcohol
- Is non-sticky and air dries quickly
- Has added moisturizers
- Leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean

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Product description

A Quick and Convenient Way to Sanitise Your Hands on the Go
Our premium hand sanitiser offers a swift and efficient solution for maintaining hand hygiene wherever you are. Perfect for busy lifestyles, it ensures your hands are clean and protected in seconds.

Kills 99.99% of Germs Fast
Formulated to be highly effective, this hand sanitiser eradicates 99.99% of common germs and bacteria quickly, providing you with peace of mind and protection from potential infections.

75% Ethanol Alcohol
With a potent 75% ethanol alcohol content, this sanitizer meets health standards for maximum germ-killing power. It ensures a high level of disinfection, making it a reliable choice for personal and professional use.

Non-Sticky and Quick-Drying
Our hand sanitiser is designed to be non-sticky and air dries rapidly, so there’s no need for washing, rinsing, or drying your hands after application. It leaves no residue, providing a hassle-free experience.

Added Moisturizers
Enriched with moisturizers, this sanitizer prevents your hands from drying out, even with frequent use. It keeps your skin soft and hydrated, maintaining its natural moisture balance.

Leaves Hands Refreshed and Hygienically Clean
Beyond just sanitizing, our hand sanitiser leaves your hands feeling refreshed and hygienically clean. It combines effective germ protection with a pleasant, clean feeling, making it a staple for your everyday hygiene routine.

Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked, CE Marked

Technical specifications

  • Unit Weight- 0.1 kg
  • Unit Height- 11.6
  • Unit Width- 3.8
  • Unit Depth- 3.8
  • All Measurements in- cm

  • MDD Compliant

  • Standards / Certifications

    UKCA Marked, CE Marked

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