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Why do I need a defibrillator?

Every year more than seven million people globally suffer from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) with little to no warning. Of this, only 5% to 10% survive, which means that every organisation should have Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the workplace, and perhaps even every home!

Sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart enters a chaotic rhythm and usually results from a disturbance in your heart that disrupts its pumping action, stopping the blood flow to the rest of your body.

SCA is a medical emergency that if not treated immediately, usually results in death.

Anyone, anywhere at any time can be affected by SCA. 

84% of SCA occur outside of a healthcare setting. Given that most adults spend a large proportion of their life either at the workplace or at home, this should become a high priority on our health agenda.

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Aero AEDs in Use Across Australia

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View our AED guide for Industry, Offices and Corporations to see how your business can benefit from having an Aero AED.

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The HeartSine 500P is the only AED which provides CPR feedback based on assessment of the patient

What Makes Aero Defibrillators Different?

  • Aero defibrillators offer the quickest time to shock — every second counts, as the chance of survival is reduced by 10% every minute.
  • They have the highest IP rating — IP56. This means your AED is protected against dust and water making it suitable for use in almost any environment.
  • They use patented shock delivery technology — this delivers a more effective shock at lower energy levels. This reduces the risk of heart damage and improves patient recovery time.
  • They can shock someone with a chest impedance of 10-300 ohms — this delivers greater electrical resistance than other defibrillators currently available, which means our defibrillators are able to shock in more cases, resulting in more lives saved.
  • Our automated external defibrillators have a simple one-button operation and voice and visual prompts for users. This makes our AEDs exceptionally easy to use by untrained and minimally trained rescuers.
  • They can connect to remote monitoring systems making management of large fleets simple and cost-effective. As medical device and automated external defibrillator suppliers, we can provide you with wholesale AED supplies.
  • They have patented CPR feedback technology which provides voice guidance, ensuring the rescuer’s chest compressions reach adequate depth and rate.

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