Tim Ovenden - Founder and Global CEO of Aero HelathcareFounder, Entrepreneur, Innovator and CEO.
In 2000, Tim founded Aero Healthcare to fill what he saw as a void in the healthcare market. Aero Healthcare has since grown from these humble beginnings to become a global corporation.

Aero Healthcare now offers an extensive healthcare product line including First aid supplies, bleeding control solutions, CPR training devices, medical consumables, medical device simulators, AEDs, AED Trainers, and more.

Tim’s ability to build high-performance teams, coupled with his dedication to customer service has served as a catalyst for growth. Tim loves being involved at every step of the product journey, from design and development through to walking the manufacturing floors. Tim believes that success ultimately depends on whether the product is better than the competition.

Tim Ovenden is a dynamic entrepreneur with expertise in research and development, business development, operations, manufacturing, and medical and first aid products. Through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Tim has driven Aero Healthcare to be a major player in the global first aid sector.