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Event Data Upload Portal

    Downloading Patient Event Data

    To download the patient data from a HeartSine Samaritan 300P, 350P, 360P or 500P, the below steps need to be followed:

    1. Connect the Samaritan® PAD to the PC using the supplied data cable.
    2. Open the Saver™ EVO software on your PC. (If you do not have Saver™ EVO software installed on your PC, click the download button on the left)
    3. Click Samaritan PAD to access the device
    4. Click PAD Data to download the data
    5. To view an event, select it from the list if available events and click View. The event can be printed from here (select ‘Print to PDF’ from your list of printers to save a soft copy of the data)
    6. From the event screen, click Save. Note: before saving patient personal details (name etc.) please ensure patient has given consent. Otherwise, leave the patient details blank and the data will remain anonymous.
    7. Return to the main screen by clicking the ‘Back’ arrows.
    8. Click on Manage Saved Events to open the saved directory
    9. Click on Export and save the file in an accessible location on your computer
    10. Download and complete the Event Form from the button on the left.
    11. Upload both files to the portal on the left

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