The New Aero Marine First Aid Kit Range

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The Range

Marine Kits Meeting Care and Compliance

Aero Healthcare specialises in producing high-quality first aid kits designed to meet both the toughest of Australian regulatory requirements and the highest of industry expectations while at the same time as offering more affordable solutions to end consumers.

All of our Marine First Aid Kits are set to comply with the Australian National Standard for Commerical Vessels requirements (NSCV) to the indicated Class of Vessels. Each First Aid Kit is built to withstand the toughest conditions that the sea could throw at them. All of our Marine First Aid Kit Cases are designed to be UV resistant and have a water-resistant seal with a full wall mount bracket for easy and secure mounting.

The Aero Healthcare Marine First Aid Kits are designed to cater 1-50 people per kit in low-risk environments and 1-25 in high-risk environments.

For the complete NSCV guidelines, click here. Alternatively, each class brochure is listed below:

Scale D Guidelines NSVC
Scale E Guidelines NSVC
Scale F Guidelines NSVC
Scale G Guidelines NSVC

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