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Australians who suffer SCA outside of a hospital every year... Currently only 10% survive.

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A Guide to Defibrillators – How You Can Save a Life

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World Restart a Heart Day 2019 – Call, Push Shock

Every year more than seven million people globally suffer from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) with little to no warning. Of this, only 5% to 10% affected survive meaning that SCA is the leading cause of death globally. Despite this, SCA doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and increased knowledge of Sudden Cardiac Arrest can significantly improve the chances of survival.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is when the heart enters a chaotic rhythm. Ut usually results from a disturbance in your heart that disrupts its pumping action, stopping the blood flow to the rest of your body.

It’s a medical emergency that if not treated immediately, can cause Sudden Cardiac Death.

Anyone, anywhere at any time can be affected by SCA.

84% of SCA occurs outside of a healthcare setting. Given that most workers spend a large proportion of their life at in the office, this should be a key in our consideration to any corporation’s emergency and first aid installations.

With Sudden Cardiac Arrest, there is a lot that bystanders can do.

This year’s Restart a Heart Day core message has been simplified to:

1. CALL – 000




Immediate emergency response is essential! For every second of every minute that someone is experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest, blood is not being supplied to the brain, starving it of oxygen and increasing the likelihood of brain damage or death.

Understanding how to act when someone around you is suffering a cardiac arrest means that you can significantly increase their chance of survival.

While most respondents will confidently call ‘000’ in an emergency, fewer people are familar and confident in an emergency to either use an AED or perform CPR, more than that, the chances of CPR being performed poorly and being ineffective at pumping blood to the brain and the vital organs is high. To help tackle this, Aero Healthcare recommends AEDs that walk the responder through the defibrillation process and give real-time feedback and instructions on CPR.

SCA is a life-threatening with only 12% of people currently surviving, but following the three simple steps of 1. Call – ‘000’, 2. Push – Apply – CPR and 3. Shock – Apply an AED, can significantly increase the chances of survival with the application of an AED alone raising the chances from 12% to over 75%.

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