As we approach the end of the financial year we want to remind you of the great tax incentives that are available to Australian businesses. The Instant Asset Write-Off scheme presents a unique opportunity for businesses to maximize their tax savings by investing in eligible assets during the financial year. Defibrillators are an eligible asset that can be included as part of the Instant Asset Write Off. 

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Understanding Instant Asset Write Off

The Instant Asset Write-Off is an initiative designed to boost business growth and investment. It allows eligible businesses to deduct the full cost of eligible assets, such as defibrillators, from their taxable income in the same financial year. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can significantly reduce your tax liability while investing in assets that contribute to the safety and welfare of your organization. 

For more information visit the Australian Government Website Here.



Great Opportunity To Purchase Life Saving Devices

In the right hands, AEDs help save lives. This EOFY year presents a great opportunity to get AEDs into the right hands. Equipping businesses with these devices can mean the difference between life and death for employees and customers. Now is the perfect opportunity for businesses to be equipped with this life-saving technology as AEDs can be included in the Instant Asset Write-Off. 

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