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The first infant CPR manikin that provides real time visual feedback!

Introducing Baby Brayden

The first illuminating infant CPR manikin that provides real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights to allow good quality ventilations and chest compressions.

Due to the differences in an infants anatomy, infants face different dangers compared to adults. CPR for an infant is different to CPR performed on an older child or adult. Infants are also less robust than older children and adults so more care is needed when CPR is performed on them.

By learning CPR, you could potentially save a life.

The most common cause of cardiac arrest in infants is due to respiratory arrest leading to cardiac arrest. It is extremely important to commence good quality CPR as quickly as possible according to infant Resuscitation Guidelines. Ventilating an infant correctly involves correct airway position (neutral) and the appropriate delivered ventilation volume.

The Baby Brayden provides real time feedback of performance to ensure good quality ventilation.

Visual Feedback
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The non-toxic materials are soft and smooth to imitate an infant’s skin.


The open and interconnected mouth and nose adds realism when ventilating.


The realistically large occiput ensures the Baby lies with its head in a realistic and neutral position (in flexion).


A realistic ‘Jaw Thrust/Lift’ manoeuvre enables practice opening the infant airway.


Correct positioning of the head into the neutral position to open the airway.


Realistic occlusion of the airway for an infant when the head is hyper-extended.


The chest allows the correct compression depth of at least 1/3 of the AP distance of manikin (4cm).


Brayden Baby has an easy to change ‘double filter’ connected to the lung.


The lungs will illuminate in a steady pulse when correct volume and rate is used. If ventilating too quickly, the lungs will flash twice. If over-inflation occurs, the lungs will flash quickly and repeatedly.

full lights

Correct Depth and Compression Rate

chest full

Compressions Too Deep *flashing*

chest lights three

Compressions Too Shallow

head lights full no lamp

Incomplete Release or Positioning

head lights full

Compressions Too Fast

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baby 1

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