It’s Time For Australian’s to get Prepared for
Snake Bite Season!

Between 81,000 and 138,000 people die from snakebites annually

Up to 400,000 people are left permanently disabled or disfigured as a result of snake bites every year

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It’s International Snake Bite Awareness Day and Aussies Have Some Work to Do!

Australia is home to some of the world’s most deadly creatures. From the aggressive Sydney Funnel Web Spider through the infamous Blue-ringed octopus and of course the wide range of venomous land and sea snakes, it seems that wherever Australian’s live, there is a vast range of deadly critters lurking around the corner. Despite the incredible toxicity of some of these creatures, the quick application of correct first aid can radically affect the patient’s outcome.

Unfortunately, despite possessing a large proportion of the world’s deadliest snakes and spiders, Austraila has some of the lowest rates of first aid training according to the Australian Red Cross. 1

of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world live in Australia

Australia’s Deadliest:

  1. Inland Taipan
  2. Eastern Brown Snake
  3. Coastal Taipan
  4. Tiger Snake(s)
  5. Beaked Sea-Snake
  6. Death Adder
  7. Western Brown
Small red belly

The Australian Inland Taipan is the most deadly snake in the world, more deadly than sea snakes.

All Top 10 Most Deadly Snakes in the World are from Australia

Being Snake Smart

As Summer approaches, it’s critical that Aussies get snake smart!

Quick access to emergency medical treatment is essential for all snake bites, even when a victim seems to be well. But, by far, the best treatment for a snake bite is a pressure immobilisation bandage.

If a person gets bitten by an Australian snake:

  1. Call ‘000’ and dend for an Ambulance or for Emergency Medical Support.
  2. Keep the person immobilised.
  3. Apply Pressure Immobilisation bandage and splint the bitten limb.
  4. DR ABCD. Commence CPR if a person is not breathing normally and apply a defibrillator.

Encounters with venomous snakes are a part of life for Australians, and while these creatures largely mind their own business and avoid human contact, those who engage in recreational outdoor activities or especially those who live off the land will inevitably run into one of these creatures and knowing how to apply a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage can mean the difference between life and death as some of our most common snakes can kill an adult human within minutes.

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Steve Recommended always having a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage on hand!

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