AEROFORM Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator 10cm x 10.5M Wrap/12


The AeroForm Premium Long Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators is a Premium Heavyweight Conforming Bandage perfect for use with the Pressure Immobilisation Technique, which is used for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.

Snake Bite Bandage Indicators




This bandage is of sufficient length to bandage a large adult leg.

10cm x 10.5M Stretched


The pressure immobilisation technique (PIT) was introduced for the treatment of Australian snake bites1 and is suitable for other elapid snake bites. It is also recommended for envenomation by a number of other animals. The PIT retards the flow of lymph by which venoms gain access to the circulation. It has also been shown that there may be inactivation of certain venoms and venom components when the injected venom remains trapped in the tissues by the pressure



The AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage is also available in a shorter version for upper limbs and pediatric use.

Benefits of the Long Snake Bite Bandages with Indicators


    • Wider and longer than most crepe or elastic bandages.


    • Longer than most Snake Bite Bandages on the Market, ensuring that the bandage is suitable for entire adult leg immobilisation.


    • Continuous indicators ensure you have the correct pressure over the entire limb.


    • Suitable for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.




Use of the Pressure Immobilisation Technique According to ARC Guidelines*


The Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) is recommended for application to bites and stings by the following creatures


    • All Australian venomous snakes, including sea snakes [Class A; LOE III]


    • Funnel Web spider [Class A; LOE IV]


    • Blue-ringed octopus [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]


    • Cone shell [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]



The Pressure Immobilisation Technique is NOT recommended for the first aid management of:


    • other spider bites including redback;


    • jellyfish stings;


    • fish stings including stonefish bites


    • stings by scorpions, centipedes or beetles.



* According to Guideline 9.4.8, for more information, click here.


Indicators show when the correct level of compression is achieved





The unique stitching technology ensures the correct pressure is evenly applied over the entire limb.



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We Can Be Aeros - Emergency First Aid Snake Bites
We Can Be Aeros - Snake Bit First Aid

28 reviews for AEROFORM Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator 10cm x 10.5M Wrap/12

  1. Sarah Hebblewhite

    A high quality snake bite bandage that is most likely the longest in the industry.
    I’ve been training in first aid for quite a number of years now and the other day someone was saved through the application of one of these.
    The pressure indicator squares make it easy to judge whether or not they’re correctly applied making training that much easier. It’s great to be able to purchase these so easily in pharmacies these days!

  2. April Currie

    great bandage – best I have seen in the market place. I love the indicator squares and as a first aid instructor, this is my bandage of recommendation

  3. Stuart Johnson

    As a professional Snake handler and former paramedic, I believe these are the best bandages on the market.
    The size, length, and inbuilt indicator make for easy and effective application. Compared to other bandages available, the AeroForm bandages are more affordable and superior in quality, A must have in any first aid kit and for any outdoors activity.

  4. Slytherin

    Simply Superb – Great product, great price.

  5. J777

    Reasonable price and fits easily in the bottom of my backpack.

  6. lavender_aus

    This product is essential. I bought two – one for home and one for our car/caravan first aid kit. Absolutly essential for us country people who also travel! Easy to use – foolproof.

  7. Kaz56

    Value for money – I bought this product to have in my backpack when i go hiking. I really to not want to use it but have peace of mind that this product would provide first response first aid in the event of a snake bite.

  8. CB63

    Foolproof application.
    I bought two – one for home and one for when we’re out hiking. The special markings on the bandage make it easy for anyone to apply it using the correct amount of tension. Great piece-of-mind product to have on hand and reasonably priced too.

  9. Happycustomer93

    Great quality.
    Got this to put in our first aid kit. Great quality bandage. Prompt delivery. Just hope we never have to use it

  10. James D

    Excellent product for safety in the bush
    So glad to be able to keep one of these with me when hiking and riding in the bush, you never know when you might be able to save a life. So affordable as well.

  11. wedbead

    well packaged
    Hopefully dont have to use it. Bought several to give as gifts.

  12. Allan Fairbrother

    Great idea. However we got a whole batch of these bandages all rolled incorrectly because the indicator strip is on the wrong side. Maybe it may be possible to put the indicator on both sides?? Or get the guys in the factory to roll the bandage correctly.

  13. Aero Healthcare

    Hi Allan,
    Thanks for your comment!
    In order to allow the correct application, the indicators are always on the inside of the bandage.
    If we were to place the indicators on both sides, this would most likely lead to users wrongly applying the bandage.
    If you have any further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  14. Rhonda Scully – Waller Road Pharmacy


  15. Wallumbilla Pharmacy

    Great product- very popular in this rural area. Property owners put one in each of their cars, as do all the gas workers that stop in

  16. Natalie Oaten Terry White Chemmart

    Awesome product! Was used in a demonstration during First Aid training by our assessor, and there is no way I would ever sell or use a different brand again. Takes all the guesswork about correct bandage tension away, as it is really simply shown on the product itself every single time it is used.

  17. Terry White Chemmart Maitland

    This is a fantastic product! We sell a lot of these products in our pharmacy as we have a lot of rural farmers that like to have these at home all year around. The product is wonderful with the squares, so easy to use.

    5 stars!

  18. Tim Bowen – Implox Healthcare

    What a great, quality product! Intuitive and terrific value for money

  19. Leanne Lencz

    I would just like to say your company and customer service is absolutely amazing. Our pharmacy has just started ranging your products and we are building our range with every order. Our rep is one of the best reps we have ever dealt with so ranging your product has been very easy. One of my favourite products is the snake bite bandage, it is one of the easiest bandages to sell as the technology behind how to apply the bandage is second to none. I feel like anyone who had to use the bandage would have 100% confidence in applying the bandage correctly so thankyou.

  20. courtney carroll

    Awesome product, great price . The indicator takes all the guess work out of how to tension a snake bandage and this would really come in handy in times of high stress and for anyone that is unsure of what to do. We sell lots of these.

  21. Martyn Codrington – Murraylands Fire and Safety

    This is a well constructed product and is very popular with our customers.

  22. Jane Purdie – Myriad Training

    These bandages are great I use them in my First Aid class feedback is always great and they are a great affordable price

  23. Jane Purdie – Myriad Training

    These bandages are great I use them in my First Aid class feedback is always great and they are a great affordable price. The Snake bite kits are great as well

  24. Stacey West

    High quality and a must have for the first aid kit. Especially for campers and those living in property

  25. Cara

    This is such a great product. I don’t have to worry about getting the right tension as the markers indicate to me if i am applying the right tension.

  26. Rebecca

    Good product with reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  27. melissa

    Great bandage. Students love the indicators during first aid training

  28. Annette Woodford

    This bandage takes all the guesswork out of applying the correct pressure to the limb.
    Its a no brainer, these bandages will save lives. I have a few now. One in both our cars, campervan and my hiking gear. Hoping I will never have to use them for a snake bite, but prepared , just incase. I have used before for a sprained ankle.
    So they are multifunctional.

  29. Theodore Thomas Dimitriou

    Easy to open and straight-forward to apply. We use these in the State Ambulance service I work for and we pack these inside the Wilderness First Aid Kits my business produces with confidence.

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