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The science of movement

A premium sports support to increase body awareness, athletic performance, joint stability, soft tissue injuries as well as decrease pain, swelling and stiffness while improving blood flow for strength and healing.


Unleash your peak performance with our newest line of sports tapes, designed with the modern athlete in mind

Crafted to complement your every move, offering a new dimension of support in your active lifestyle. With an emphasis on comfort and adaptability, they’re the silent ally for every challenge. Scientifically designed to balance stability with flexibility for full range of motion. Discover the potential within and take your performance to new heights, backed by the subtle support of AeroTape.

Point of sale Merchandise


Enhance your promotional efforts with our carefully selected campaign merchandise

Our range, featuring elegant posters, sleek display stands, and versatile digital assets, is designed to integrate with your existing space while conveying the essence of our campaign. This collection not only complements your space but also invites your customers into a more immersive experience. Elevate your presentation and seamlessly weave the narrative of Aero into your story.

Digital Marketing Material


Transform your digital landscape with our exclusive digital marketing assets

From eye-catching social media graphics to interactive web banners, photography and a video ad. Elevate your online presence, engage your audience in new ways, and set the digital stage for what’s to come. Use these assets to create a memorable impact when announcing this range to your customer base.



Sport best sellers

Recovery is just as important as performance.

Our range of first aid and medical supplies are designed to help you quickly treat injuries and recover faster, so you can get back to competing sooner.

defibrillators & cases

Sports can be unpredictable, so defibrillators are an essential part of any sports safety kit. Every sports club should have at least one AED easily accessible. Be prepared with a defibrillator that is lightweight, easy to use and equipped with the latest technology.


How to treat bone fractures

Bone breaks and fractures involve varying degrees of damage to the bone and can only be properly diagnosed via X-ray. Immobilising the injured area with a splint and keeping the person still until help arrives are crucial.


How to Treat Sprains

Elevate the injured area and apply a cold pack at intervals of about 15 minutes every 2-3 hours for the first 72 hours after injury. Then, wrap firmly with a conforming bandage to help reduce swelling and provide stability to the injury.


How to Treat Shin Splints

While shin splints are not serious injuries, they can be painful and irritating. Apply an ice pack to the affected area for 20 minutes every 3 hours for a few days to reduce inflammation. Shin splints usually require a break from some activities.

first aid kits

When it comes to sport, preparation is key. The AeroKit range provides the protection you need. Compact, convenient and ready to go, discover a blend of performance and practicality and approach your sports with confidence.

stretchers & immobilisers

When disaster strikes preparedness is essential. Designed for fast response our range of stretchers and immobilisers provides assurance that top-tier injury management is available. Ideal for sports where the risks are as high as the stakes!




Learn about common sports injuries and get recovery tips and prevention advice! Great resource to share with your team mates, gym or club!

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