Applying Bandage

Different Types of Bandages and Their Uses

Different Types of Bandages and Their Uses   Bandages are an essential medical supply for any first aid kit. They allow for the effective provision of wound care for a variety of different injuries and facilitate the wound healing process. A number of bandages are available, with different types intended for specific purposes and for application…


Aero’s new Innovation, Manufacturing & Distribution Centre

Aero Healthcare Armidale Expansion Aero Healthcare has experienced rapid growth in recent years, both locally in Australia and across the globe. This growth has led to us developing a world-class Innovation, Manufacturing & Distribution Centre. This facility will be uniquely located at the Airport Business Park in the regional city of Armidale; the city where…


Stop The Bleed Month

Stop The Bleed Month   Every minute counts! Someone who is severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes. May is Stop The Bleed month, this month we’re raising awareness of mass haemorrhage. Knowing what to do in the event of a mass haemorrhage is crucial for survival. The RapidStop Bleeding…


AEDs – The What, The Why, The How

February is Heart Research Australia’s RED FEB month. A month focussed on raising awareness of heart disease. Learn more about AEDs in the article below, and how they help in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.    Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone, anywhere at any time. To give the victim the greatest chance…


Sudden Cardiac Arrest – The Silent Killer

February is Heart Research Australia’s RED FEB month. A month focussed on raising awareness of heart disease. Learn more about Australia’s Silent Killer, Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the article below, and help us raise awareness of one of Australia’s devastating heart diseases.    Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is commonly referred to as the Silent Killer.…


Modulator First Aid Kit – Colour makes all the difference

Modulator First Aid Kit THE SIMPLE YET COMPREHENSIVE KIT WITH COLOURED MODULES FOR FASTER RESPONSE TIMES The Modulator simplifies first aid! Coloured injury specific modules that are easily identifiable and clearly labelled, ensure a first aid kit that is extensive yet intuitive and user friendly. Each module is clearly labelled for its intended use and…


Hot & Cold Pack Advisory Notice

ADVISORY NOTICE Date: 07/09/2021 Product: AHC5001 AEROCOOL (previously known as AEROPLAST) HOT/COLD pack, 320g Intended use: A reusable HOT/COLD pack intended to apply heat or cold to painful areas of the body. Batch number: All HOT/COLD packs without an expiry date. Reason:  It has come to our attention that the hot/cold pack pouch material ages over time leading to…


Introducing Trauma Sim

Introducing TraumaSim! Just arrived at Aero Healthcare these medically accurate trauma simulation products are designed for first aid trainers, medics, and healthcare providers. Designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries, and medical conditions TraumaSim provides trainers with trauma simulation like never before.   Designed to accurately replicate the bodies response to first aid treatment in medical…


Vaccination Essentials Now Available

First Aid & PPE Essentials for Pharmacy Covid Vaccinations Available in Bulk and Single Order Still haven’t found what you’re after? Contact us! Your Pharmacy (required) Your First Name (required) Your Last Name Email (required) Comments (required)