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WA Department of Education Mandate Defibrillators In All Public Schools

The Western Australian Government has mandated all public schools must have a defibrillator or AED installed by 30 June 2024.   Is your local school ready? The Director General of Education has mandated the installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in all public schools across Western Australia by 30 June 2024, as part of a…


Household Heroes: Home First Aid

Household Heroes: Home First Aid Whether you’re living alone, sharing a home with others, or taking care of a family, emergencies can happen at any moment. From minor mishaps like scrapes and burns to more serious incidents that could potentially be life-threatening, having a comprehensive understanding of home first aid can be invaluable. This knowledge,…

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What is a Defibrillator, Different Types & How to Use One

What is a Defibrillator, Different Types & How to Use One With an estimated 25,000 cases occurring out-of-hospital each year, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) presents as one of the most prevalent health risks facing Australians today. However, it is possible to significantly increase cardiac arrest patients’ chance of survival through the immediate delivery of CPR…


How to Treat Sunburn

How to Treat Sunburn   Every year, scores of Australians flock to the outdoors, eager to catch a spell of the balmy summer weather. But what might be a pleasant dose of sun in one moment can easily turn into an unpleasant sunburn in the next. More than just causing short-term pain and redness, sunburns…


First Aid for Eye Injuries & Emergencies

First Aid for Eye Injuries & Emergencies     As remarkable and complex as our eyes are, they are also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, vulnerable to a variety of injuries that can result in partially impaired vision and even blindness. In Australia, almost 13,000 people were presented to the…

Applying Bandage

Different Types of Bandages and Their Uses

Different Types of Bandages and Their Uses   Bandages are an essential medical supply for any first aid kit. They allow for the effective provision of wound care for a variety of different injuries and facilitate the wound healing process. A number of bandages are available, with different types intended for specific purposes and for application…


Aero’s new Innovation, Manufacturing & Distribution Centre

Aero Healthcare Armidale Expansion Aero Healthcare has experienced rapid growth in recent years, both locally in Australia and across the globe. This growth has led to us developing a world-class Innovation, Manufacturing & Distribution Centre. This facility will be uniquely located at the Airport Business Park in the regional city of Armidale; the city where…