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It is no longer sufficient to simply offer stable employment in order to attract the best employees.

It is becoming more widely realised that staff at all levels of an organisation now need to gain a sense of ownership and pride when it comes to the company that they’re working for.

At Aero Healthcare, we realise that to hold onto the best staff you need to give them a voice and a space to express their ideas and suggestions. It is only through empowering your team to be the best and most creative they can be, that your organisation can become the envy of your competitors and beloved by your customers.

At Aero, we’re constantly trying new ideas in order to stimulate staff motivation and creativity. From our customer service staff through to our management staff, our communal whiteboard wall provides a space where members at all levels of the organisation can provide feedback and ideas on how to serve our customers better. Since implementing the weekly challenge of contributing one idea to the board, no matter how outlandish that idea or suggestion may be, we’ve seen just how important and powerful this tool can be with many of the simple suggestions being implemented and some of the more ambitious suggestions in preliminary planning phases. Ideas have ranged from small improvements to customer support processes, right through to new marketing ideas and new product lines.

In business, you never know where your next great idea can come from and that’s why our goal will be to always encourage our team to speak up. By providing the platform for staff to contribute into domains that aren’t exclusively their department, you empower them, build a sense of ownership and ultimately run a better organisation. When your staff flourish, your customers flourish and ultimately, your business will flourish.