AED Training’s Dave Flynn recommends key Aero products for Bleed Control

AED Training's Dave Flynn recommends Aero products for Bleed Control

Dave Flynn runs his own company, AED Training, which provides certified first aid and essential life support training. He’s a FREC Level 4 First Responder, experienced event medic, and response security officer.

Dave is also collaborating with Karla and Carl Scott from Project Youth to install publicly accessible bleed control kits and run bleed control training workshops. We asked him why he advocates the inclusion of the following Aero bleed control products in the bleed control kits he and Project Youth are actively installing in local communities across the country.

AED Training's Dave Flynn recommends Aero products for Bleed Control

RapidStop® Tourniquet

“In an emergency – every second counts! The untrained bystander is likely to be the ‘first on scene’ in the event of a catastrophic bleed and time is the difference between life or death.

The RapidStop® is both easy to apply and tighten. A person can bleed to death in less than 5 minutes, but in some cases this can be 3 minutes or less.

The RapidStop® compared to traditional ‘windlass’ tourniquets, saves any confusion about whether to turn the bar left or right. The RapidStop® can also be tightened using a single finger – which is unrivalled in the tourniquet market.

During our Bleed Control Training, we cover several different tourniquets and the RapidStop® always receives the best feedback.”

AED Training's Dave Flynn recommends Aero products for Bleed Control

AeroWound™ Trauma Wound Dressing

“The Aero Healthcare TWD has a premium feel to it. The bandage is extremely stretchy and well made compared to other trauma dressings in the same price range.

The secure fastening clip is a great feature compared to Velcro and ensures that the dressing is secure.

We use the large version in our Kits in the event of a major wound.”

AED Training's Dave Flynn recommends Aero products for Bleed Control

Multiple Persons Injury Kit (MPIK)

“Our MPIK contains 4 x RapidStops and 8 x Trauma Wound Dressings. The MPIK has been developed for a terrorist attack – where there will likely be many casualties.

The Aero Healthcare products combined with the 4 x Celox™ Medical Rapid Haemostatic Gauzes and 4 x Vented Chest Seals gives people the best chance of survival in the worst case scenario.

Public safety is at the heart of what we do and we are proud to have the amazing support from Aero Healthcare.”

“Importance of Public Bleed Control Kits” – featuring AED Training and Project Youth

Join Carl and Karla Scott from Project Youth and Dave Flynn from AED Training in an engaging discussion about their active rollout of Public Access Bleed Control Kits in communities across the South of England and London.

Project Youth is driving this initiative with a focus on raising awareness of how to use their sponsored bleed control kits for victims of knife crime and terrorist acts through training courses and community engagement days.

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