OxyMulti-Mask™ Adult Oxygen Mask

Product code: AB1024

Product overview

High Concentration at a Flow Rate of 15 LPM
Flexible Plastic Mask with Elastic Head Strap
No build up of heat or humidity under the mask
Open mask ensures unrestricted communication
To ensure patient safety, the mask is Latex Free

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Product description

OxyMulti-Mask™ is an open mask system capable of providing high humidity, medicated aerosol therapy as well as a broad range of oxygen delivery. The OxyMulti-Mask™ delivers 23 to 83% oxygen therapy simply by adjusting the oxygen flow rate from 1 to 15+ litres per minute to flush. OxyMulti-Mask™ is ideal for a seamless transition of oxygen and aerosol therapy from:

  • Pre-hospital (EMS/Fire)
  • Acute care
  • Palliative care
  • Home care
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Mass casualty
  • Pandemic episodes
OxyMulti-Mask™ is a highly efficient ‘open’ mask system that eliminates the need for a closed design mask, valves and reservoirs. Oxygen delivery is achieved through a pin and diffuser system designed to concentrate and redirect the flow of oxygen:
  • Oxygen enters the system through a right-angled swivel at the front of the mask.
  • The mushroom-shaped Pin redirects the flow of oxygen, forming an organised pattern of vortices and a cloud of concentrated oxygen molecules.
  • The triangular directional Diffuser refines the shape of the oxygen vortices and directs the flow towards the patient’s nose and mouth.
  • During the patient’s inhalation, oxygen flow is mixed with room air drawn in through the mask openings. Respiratory mechanics and breathing patterns determine how room air combines with the delivered oxygen. The concentration of oxygen received during the breath is a function of the oxygen flow. compared to the patient’s inspiratory flow and tidal volume.
  • During exhalation the Mask openings allow expired carbon dioxide to escape.
With its broad range of FiO2 OxyMulti-Mask’s open technology replaces traditional oxygen interfaces for the delivery of oxygen and aerosol therapy. Patient benefits:
  • Reduces feelings of claustrophobia
  • Increases communication
  • Improves accessibility for oral and nasal care
  • Aerosol therapy does not go into the eyes
  • All of which improve patient comfort and therefore compliance with their oxygen therapy.

Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked, CE Marked

Technical specifications

Size: Adult
Tubing length: 2.1m (7′)
Connector: 22mm
Non sterile

  • MDR Compliant

  • Standards / Certifications

    UKCA Marked, CE Marked

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