Elevate Your Pharmacy Sales with Free Aero Shelf POS*

We’re fully committed to supporting and promoting independent pharmacies such as yours. To help position your pharmacy as the primary destination for first aid and wound care in your community, we recommend introducing a selection of products from our pharmacy-exclusive OTC first aid and wound care range.

Furthermore, to provide you with a comprehensive pharmacy and customer solution, we’ll assist in the initial retail stocking of Aero products and offer free installation of Aero branded visual merchandising*.

Our visually enticing POS (point of sale) will help boost first aid sales at your community pharmacy and effortlessly streamline product maintenance.

Quality and Durability

We can assure you that Aero branded visual merchandising is not only of very high quality but also helps protect Aero retail packaging from light damage.

Our shelf POS system can withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring its longevity and reliability in your pharmacy store environment.

Eye-Catching Shelf Strips

Imagine a customer strolling through your First Aid Area, their gaze wandering.

Suddenly, their attention is caught by the sleek Aero branded shelf strips, guiding them straight to your Aero product display. Our visually appealing shelf strips are designed to draw the eye, enhancing product visibility and driving sales of our extensive offering.

Less Upkeep with our Shelf Pushers

With our innovative Sprung Shelf Pushers, maintaining your Aero product display is hassle-free*.

These clever devices automatically push Aero products to the front, minimising the need for constant adjustment by your store staff. Bid farewell to the tedious task of shuffling Aero products forward and welcome a more efficient use of time and resources.

Tidy and Organised Display

We understand the importance of a tidy and organised shelf space, as first impressions count with your customers. That’s why we offer robust Shelf Dividers that seamlessly integrate into your Aero merchandising setup.

These transparent dividers not only keep your Aero products neatly separated but also contribute to an overall polished appearance, significantly increasing repeat purchases of your Aero OTC stock.

Customisable Point of Sale

Flexibility is key in retail, which is why our merchandising setup is fully adjustable to fit the dimensions of any shelf space. Whether you have a compact corner or a sprawling display area, our customisable shelf POS ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to maximise your retail display space effectively.

In conclusion, our branded visual merchandising is crucial for increasing your store’s turnover of Aero first aid and wound care stock. From enhancing product visibility to streamlining maintenance, having our shelf POS setup will add value.

*Subject to our terms and conditions. Contact a member of our pharmacy team to learn more.

Consult our Pharmacy Team about stocking Aero OTC products

Contact our Pharmacy Team, and your local Territory Manager will support you in purchasing from our OTC First Aid and Wound Care Range for your local community pharmacy, and in turn see your sales boosted.

Our extensive product range is currently available nationwide via Hallo or AAH Wholesale and is stocked in numerous branches of Whitworth, Avicenna, McKeevers, Well, Paydens, Peak and many good independent community pharmacies.

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