Body Fluid Kit 5 Application

Product code: BF-5APP


Product overview

- Single-Use for Small Spills: Ideal for blood, vomit, urine, and feces.
- Complete Kit: Includes expertly picked selection of items.
- Safe Removal: Minimizes contamination risk.
- Easy Disposal: Secure waste bag included.

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Product description

Single Application for Contamination Control
The AeroEssentials™ Body Fluid Disposal Kit is designed for single use in situations where blood, vomit, or urine has contaminated a space. It is ideal for cleaning up small spills of bodily fluids, including feces.
Comprehensive Cleaning Components
The kit includes essential items for safe and effective cleanup:
  • AeroHazard™ Disinfectant Spray and Absorbent Powder: Ensures thorough disinfection and absorption of fluids.
  • AeroGloves™ Vinyl Gloves: Provides protection for the user during cleanup.
  • AeroHazard™ Clinical Waste Bag: For safe disposal of contaminated materials.
  • AeroHazard™ Cardboard Waste Scoop: Facilitates easy and hygienic removal of waste
  • AeroSupplies™ White Apron: Protects clothing from contamination during the cleanup process.
Effective Removal and Contamination Minimization
To minimize the risk of contamination, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Put on protective clothing, apron, and gloves.

Step 2 – Sprinkle the absorbent granules over the spill area and wait for the gel to form.

Step 3 – Remove the gel using the scoop and scraper and place in the biohazard waste bag.

Step 4 – Spray area with disinfectant, clean with the dry wipe, and place in the biohazard bag.

Step 5 – Remove the apron and the gloves and place in the biohazard bag.

Step 6 – Wipe hands using the disinfectant wipe, place in the waste bag, and dispose in accordance with local regulations.

Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked, CE Marked


x5 BF-30 – Disinfectant Spray 30ml

x5 Absorbent Powder 10g

x5 Vinyl Gloves – Pair

x5 AeroHazard Clinical Wast Bag

x5 AeroSupplies White Apron

x5 AeroHazard Cardboard Waste Scoop

Technical specifications

  • Unit Weight- 0.87 kg
  • Unit Height- 22
  • Unit Width- 26.5
  • Unit Depth-
  • All measurements in- cm

  • MDD Compliant

  • Standards / Certifications

    UKCA Marked, CE Marked

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