AeroRescue™ Quick Release TOURNIQUET – GREEN

Product code: AR1020-G

Product overview

Premium quality tourniquets that you can trust; UK stock;
CE Certified tourniquet features a solid plastic catch with a plastic buckle that allows quick release with the touch of a finger. This Buckle Tourniquet is made from high grade bright white ABS plastic and Polyester elastic band
CE Certified Latex free

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Product description

The AeroRescue™ Quick Release Tourniquet in green supports significant or major bleeds occurring on the arms and limbs. This tourniquet is an essential item for many first aid kits, from workplaces that deal with sharp instruments to emergency service workers. Its latex-free design also avoids irritation on the skin, especially for those who suffer from skin-based complaints and allergies. The AeroRescue™ Quick Release Tourniquet is designed to stem blood flow from open wounds, allowing first responders and emergency workers to control the bleeding. It has also been produced to avoid snagging or pinching the skin upon application. This piece of equipment can offer potentially life-saving trea™ent for those who have suffered traumatic wounds with excessive bleeding. On the arms and legs, the device can be tightened to compress around the wound area. This limits the blood flow allowing for trea™ent and wound closure to start. It also affords time to first responders if they are in need of expert medical support. Individual packs contain one AeroRescue™ Quick Release Tourniquet in green. This tourniquet comes in one size.

Standards / Certifications

UKCA Marked, CE Marked

Technical specifications

  • MDD Compliant

  • This product is classed as hazardous or dangerous
  • Standards / Certifications

    UKCA Marked, CE Marked

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