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Surefill is the convenient refilling system your first aid kit needs that is hassle-free.

Efficient Product Replacement with Aero Healthcare

Through our Surefill solution, we support you in managing equipment expiration dates as well as used or missing inventory. You’ll never be without the right first aid consumables again. Our Surefill system offers easy replenishment of goods after use or when a restock is needed. These refills ensure your first aid consumables are always compliant without jeopardising your staff’s safety onsite.

Dedicated Reseller Support for Surefill Solutions

Surefill makes restocking any AeroKit simple, that’s why our customers love it. As part of our reseller support, we’ll walk you through exactly how Surefill works and the products available. This simplified solution is guaranteed to keep your customers happy and their first aid kits fresh. Why not give one of our team a call today to discuss what our Surefill products can offer your business.

The Ultimate Guide to First Aid in the Workplace

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“All products are high quality and the advice provided on products is always excellent. The after sales service is excellent and nothing is too much for the staff.”

Conleth Donnelly

Sport Northern Ireland

“We placed an order for 108 Lifepak CR2 defibrillators with Aero. We were able to promptly deliver the devices to their locations. Their “before” and “after” service has been exemplary.”

Phil Hammond

Inspector – B Division Operations British Transport Police

“It’s unusual to get this level of support from a supplier, which is refreshing, and very welcome. I wish all of my suppliers were as proactive in the approach shown by the team at Aero.”

Johnston Dunn

Group Purchasing and Assets Manager Baywater Healthcare

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